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GCM - (11/10/2016 17:40:53)
RE:Posting content dynamically to user social media account
Hi Arun, In version we added a function to dynamically change data source connection properties called:
SetConnectionProperty(string connectionName, string propertyItems);
This function was designed primarily for use with SQL data sources where you want to quickly swap between test and production databases. We haven't tested this with your particular scenario, your mileage may vary depending on the type of provider you are trying to modify e.g. providers that utilise OAuth based authentication. For performance reasons data sources are lazy loaded, as such you will need to structure your models in a way that updating your connection is undertaken in the Form Load expression. We realise that there are dozens of potential use cases involving dynamic connections and are currently designing a feature to add first class support in the KnowledgeKube data source technology. We will keep you up to speed on how this will work and when we will flight the feature.
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