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User avatar - (03/08/2016 11:57:36)
RE:Previews and Buttons
Hello, Have you tried using different browsers? I have gone through courses 1 and 2 but I haven't observed that issue. Maybe it has something to do with the sessions. With regards to your 3rd issue, the same URL shows in the address bar because you are on the same model. I believe Knowledgekube structure is like this: URL in address bar: -> Domain name(Repository) CRM-tool-username -> Page name(Model) Since the question groups and questions are in the same Model, it will not change the URL in the address bar. A way to change the URL in the address bar is to create another model and publishing it as another page to be linked in the pages you wanted. As you go through Course 1 and Course 2 you'll encounter on how to redirect a page to internal pages or external pages as you press a button. I hope this somehow helped.
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