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matt.pitman - (04/08/2016 10:43:04)
RE:Previews and Buttons
Hi Joy, The Preview Tool and any browser window you open through it will share a single session, meaning that you can use the two in tandem to test functionality across a range of browsers without having to start your session from scratch each time. If you want to reset your session, you can use the New Form button located third from left in your Preview window's main toolbar. This has the same effect as closing the Preview window and opening it all over again. It will also reset the session of any web browsers opened through the preview. To address your third point, a KnowledgeKube model is hosted on a single page, meaning that no matter which question group you access within a single model, it will not navigate the user away from the page unless you deliberately tell it to using a function such as RedirectToURL, which is introduced in the final chapter of course 2. I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please get in touch. Kind regards.
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