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matt.pitman - (31/03/2016 12:32:58)
Hi Blaga! To answer the second part of your question, you can upload your company's logo as an Image Asset. If you haven't already done so, you can learn about this here: Creating Image Assets When you have created the image asset, copy its Asset Markup to the clipboard and then paste it into a notepad document or similar. The pasted text should look something like this:
<%# ASSET(.Images.MyImageAsset) %>
(although in your case, MyImageAsset will be replaced with the name you gave to your own asset) You only actually need the part shown below, so delete everything else.
Next, add a new question where you'd like the image to appear. Change the question's type to Content Delivery System. It needs a Keyword, but you can leave the Question Text field blank. Save the question, then switch to the Definition Panel. If you expand the new question, you'll notice it's automatically been given a number of Attributes. Double-click the GroupName attribute, then click the Edit Attribute button. In the Editing Question Attribute dialog, switch to the Value panel, then paste the asset tag starting with - which you copied earlier - into the Parameter Value field. Click OK to save the attribute, then save your model and open the Preview Tool. You should now see your uploaded image displayed inside your question group. Please let me know if anything I've said isn't clear, or if it doesn't work how I've described it. P.S. I will get back to you soon about your styling query. Thanks for your patience!
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