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andrew.matthews - (13/04/2016 09:55:05)
Hi Blaga, You can apply styling to questions through the use of Style Class Attributes. Adding attributes to a question is covered in Chapter 8 of Course 1, more information about Style Class Attributes in particular can be found in the KnowledgeKube User Manual: Creating Attributes Creating Style Class Attributes There are multiple styles that come as part of KnowledgeKube that will allow you to control the appearance of questions. For example adding a Style Class Attribute and setting the Style Class Name under the Value tab to kk_UrgentText will change the question text to red. Styles can be combined by separating them with a space in the Style Class Name field. For example, kk_DisplayLargeSizeText kk_UrgentText will result in the text being in a larger font and red. In regards to your question of controlling the style of question text, here is a selection of Style Class Names that you can try: Text Size kk_DisplayLargeSizeText - Large sized text kk_DisplayMediumSizeText - Medium sized text kk_DisplaySmallSizeText - Small sized text kk_DisplayTinySizeText - Smaller sized text kk_DisplayBoldText - Displays text in bold Text Colour kk_NoSelectionText - Light grey kk_UrgentText - Red kk_ActiveText - Green kk_HighlightText - Yellow Text Spacing kk_DisplayTightQuestionText - Reduce the space between the question text and the question control kk_QuestionTextToFillColumn - Question text will fill the width of the page with the question control underneath You can also dynamically control the style of a question by using a Style Class Expression Attribute. These allow you to set the style of a question depending on the results of an expression:
if(Variable < 5, "kk_UrgentText", "kk_NoSelectionText")
A full list of the Style Class Library complete with examples can be found here: Style Class Library Thanks! Andy
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