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matt.pitman - (26/07/2016 15:39:51)
RE:Sign Up
Hi Blaga, To ensure your users have entered appropriate information, you'll need to use Validation. Built-in validation will ensure users complete all Mandatory Questions (assuming they enter a value suitable for the chosen Question Type), so if there are any questions you don't need users to complete, set them as Optional using the Further Question Options panel. A link to where mandatory questions are introduced in Course 1 You can use a Validator to prevent users from proceeding if they have not provided a suitable answer to one or more specific questions. A link to where validators are introduced in Course 2 If you want a confirmation e-mail to be sent each time a user submits their details, you will need to create a CDS E-mail Template and attach a Function to the submit button that will send an e-mail to you each time the button is clicked. A link to the chapter that introduces e-mail templates in Course 1 Finally, to present your users with a message thanking them for completing the submission process, you can either: * Redirect them to a separate form containing the message (taught here). * Use a Page Link to redirect them to a separate HTML page containing a thank-you message (taught here and here). * Simply send them a separate thank-you e-mail, as described above. Hopefully this will answer all of your questions. If not, please drop us a response and we'll do our best to help.
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