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matt.pitman - (27/07/2016 10:26:57)
RE:How to prevent models from sharing session
Two pages from the same site (regardless of whether either one hosts a model) will share a session inside a single web browser. KnowledgeKube models rely on session data, which is why you're experiencing this issue. As you say, having two sites named (for example) and would give the two models independent sessions, allowing a person to access both models at the same time in the same browser. A similar thing would happen if you tried to access a site such as in two tabs. Both tabs would share the same session, including its shopping basket; to have two separate shopping baskets active at the same time, you would need would to open a different Amazon site in each tab, e.g. and If you let me know the workflow you're trying to develop for your site, I will let you know how best to implement it, if possible. EDIT: When you say you can't upload an attachment, is that because the forum won't let you?
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