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matt.pitman - (21/09/2016 10:25:57)
RE:How to put binary image in document
Hi Arun, By export/attach document, do you mean you want the image to appear as part of a downloadable KnowledgeKube document, or do you want to simply download/export an image using its binary string? To embed the image in a document, you'll need to use an Image field in your document template, which you can learn about here: Using a Field to Reference an Image. You will need to pass the binary string from your data source into a variable so the document can access it. To download an image (or any other type of file) according to its binary string, you'll need to use the DownloadBinaryDocument function, which you can learn about here: DownloadBinaryDocument. If you need any further help, just let me know. Kind regards.
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