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KnowledgeKube Staff
KnowledgeKube Staff
matt.pitman - 10/01/2017 17:06:14
RE:Company Branding (Styling)

Hi David!

You are quite correct, the best way to apply content across multiple pages would be to have it delivered through a Master Page. Ideally, you should create an Image Asset containing your logo, as described here:

Creating Image Assets

You'd need to embed an IMAGE element tag in the markup of your master page. The syntax for this tag is as follows:

<%# IMAGE(YourImageAssetName) %>

Now, any page you associate with the chosen master page will display the uploaded logo at the specified position. Be aware that within the markup of your master page, the following element tag denotes where page-specific content will be inserted when the page loads:


We'll be launching a new training module for Content Delivery in the next few days. This module includes the information I described above in addition to several more useful techniques for enhancing your KnowledgeKube application.

If I can be of any more help, please let me know.

Kind regards.

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Company Branding (Styling)

What documentation do you have regarding branding (styling) a site and Masterpages and how to edit? eg. How would I upload a company logo and include it on every page. Do I do this in a Master Pages like in Visual Studio. Do I upload the image as an image asset but what path do I then use to bring it through?

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