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matt.pitman - (17/02/2017 08:59:41)
RE:Enterprise Server

Hi Din,

At the moment, each Enterprise User is restricted to a single repository. As you mentioned, the user you registered in repo A will be available to the publishing groups in that repository, but unavailable to any other repository. When you register a user, the e-mail address associated with that user will be reserved, and it cannot be used to register another user – even one on another repository. This is why you were unable to register a user for repo B with the e-mail address you used on repo A.

In the next Enterprise Server release, you will be able to give a user access to multiple repositories, removing the need for a person to maintain independent accounts across those repositories.

Regarding your second question, there is currently no way to remove a model that you have published to Enterprise Server. This is another feature that will be added in the next build. In the meantime, you can ensure nobody is able to view the unwanted app by removing it from any publishing groups that are accessible to your general user base.

If you have any further questions about this feature, please let me know.

Kind regards.

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