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KnowledgeKube Staff
KnowledgeKube Staff
Cara - 12/07/2017 11:20:44
RE:Is it possible to batch email a client list

Hi Peter,

To attach files requires additional parameters to the send email function, each email template has example expressions to as a guide.

// Basic email using template properties;

SendHTMLEmail("Contact Form");


// Email to defined recipients;

SendHTMLEmail("Contact Form", <Recipient list Keyword>);


// Email with attachments;

SendHTMLEmail("Contact Form", <Recipient list Keyword>, <Document list>, <Binary document list>);


You will need to use the third parameter and specify the document keywords (templates or pdfs) in a string list, for example: “Doc1JKey,Doc2Key” etc, or alternatively use a variable that contains the string list.

Kind Regards

Cara Gibson

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Is it possible to batch email a client list


I'm currently working through the training course but I have a question regarding batch emailing a client list. For example say I have a buyer ledger of outstanding invoices and I want to send a PDF of their invoices to all outstanding debtors.

The idea is I'd fire a scan loop procedure which would pick up the client details and the invoice details, create and attach a invoice PDF and finally send personalised email with PDF attachment. This would also trigger a create communication history event.

Just wondering at this stage if it is possible?

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