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richard.pearce - 05/02/2016 15:04:13
RE:How do I get support?

Support can be obtained in a variety of places, depending on what kind of support you need.

If you are completing our training courses, we have dedicated support forums for each course.

Learn KnowledgeKube Course 1

Learn KnowledgeKube Course 2

Practical Exercises Support

Additional Training Modules Support

You can send us a private message using the facility on our Support site:

KnowledgeKube Training Support Form

Try reading our other resources, including the KnowledgeKube Training Manual, Best Practice Guide or the Expression Cookbook:

Training Resources

Happy KnowledgeKubing! Enjoy

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richard.pearce - 05/02/2016 15:01:19
How do I get support?
Wondering where the best place to get support is?

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